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Fun, interesting science? 11 amazing online sources

Make science interesting to kids, with these links.

TED Blog

yler-DeWitt-at-TEDxBeaconStreet In today’s TED Talk , Tyler DeWitt makes a fantastic case for a simple idea: make science fun. Educators and writers get caught up in the idea that science needs to be taken seriously, and forget that the best way to get kids interested is to… make it interesting. Too much emphasis on being accurate can lead to lessons that are incomprehensible, or just flat-out boring. The money quote from DeWitt:

[ted_talkteaser id=1655]“If a young learner thinks that all viruses have DNA, that’s not going to ruin their chances of success in science. But if a young learner can’t understand anything in science and learns to hate it because it all sounds like this, that will ruin their chances of success.”

Now to the good news. There are a lot of people doing very fun, very engaging, very non-stuffy science work. If you’re a teacher looking for ways to engage…

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Do Not Visit Mexico Until You Read This

Some excellent links to information on visiting Mexico…

No Hay Bronca

This post contains affiliate links.

Mexican literature:

Politics and history:

Lit. by gringos:


Lonely Planet is the standard for guidebooks – not perfect, but undeniably useful:

And I must recommend my guidebooks to Mexico:

Study Spanish:

Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish is the best book I’ve seen that teaches all the complicated necessities of Spanish grammar:

Communicating in Spanish is a good guide to get you started speaking Spanish:

Of course, you´ll have to do some plain ol´ exercises:

Contemporary Latin American Literature is an overview of important writers with their poems, short stories, and novel excerpts.

Thanks for visiting.

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ServiceSpace Blog: Spirit of Gift: Charles Eisenstein |

ServiceSpace Blog: Spirit of Gift: Charles Eisenstein |

The Happiness Advantage

Stumbled upon this PBS special one day and was intrigued enough to continue watching. This guy, Steve Achor, is a very good speaker. Funny and captivating. As soon as I have some money, I am definitely checking out his e-course and book! The Happiness Advantage

I Say What I Mean but I Don’t Say it Meanly: Is sincerity dead?

I Say What I Mean but I Don’t Say it Meanly: Is sincerity dead?: Sincerity is a hard topic to discuss and understand, but I feel compelled to make the attempt because the concept intrigues me. To really do…

Artfully Creating the Right Group Dynamic | Teaching Tolerance

Artfully Creating the Right Group Dynamic | Teaching Tolerance

A to Z for Moms Like Me: Don’t Eat Pete!

A to Z for Moms Like Me: Don’t Eat Pete!: This is a really fun game with kids, especially for ages 3-5, but even my 7 & 8 year old love it! Here’s how you play: Everyone sits aroun…

Conviviendo con la fibromialgia

Es un intento de dar un poco de felicidad a los enfermos de fibromialgia. Un espacio libre de opinión donde todos podemos expresar nuestros sentimientos, vivencias, mejoras, etc.

A Free Spirited Woman

Untethered, Bohemian, Minimalist, Nomad, Adventurer, Photographer & Writer, Who Lives in Her Car

Iris Grace

Iris Grace Painting

Matthew Lyle Landsman

Uncommon Thoughts from a Common Man

GMO Awareness

Raising awareness about the risks of genetically modified foods (GMOs) | Alimento Transgénicos | Conscience OGM | Gentechnologie | Conciencia Transgénicos | Nei til GMO | Sin Transgénicos | Wolni od GMO | Libre de Transgénicos

Why? Because Science.

Combating Stupidity Since 2012

Mind Hacks

Neuroscience and psychology news and views.

TED Blog

The TED Blog shares interesting news about TED, TED Talks video, the TED Prize and more.

No Hay Bronca

Travel Stories and Practical Tips for Mexico

Sun and Glory

to do. to see. to hear. to love

S&P Photography

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The Blog

The latest news on and the WordPress community.

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